Essential skin care set 全效保湿抗皱修复配套

清,调,养功能的全套护肤系列 360度维护肌肤柔嫩度,光泽度,健康度,紧致度!


  • 1x洁颜蜜
  • 1x保湿水
  • 1x抗皱保湿霜
  • 1x防晒柔肤隔离霜
  • 5片保湿修复面膜

  • Mier's essential skin care series  with function of clearing, toning and nourishing. To maintain skin suppleness, luster to keep your skin healthy and firming. 

  • Set included

    • 1x essential cleaning gel
    • 1x Hybloom Toner
    • 1x Renewal Activation Gel Cream
    • 1x Moist UV Cream SPF30PA++
    • 5pcs Luminous Hydrating Treament Mask

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